Ant Man | First Look at Paul Rudd as Scott Lang

Ant Man | First Look at Paul Rudd as Scott Lang

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Batman doesn’t pull any punches.

On Female Objectification in Superhero Movies and Why it Needs to Stop



Look, I love superhero movies, and this is a problem I’ve noticed in many of them, but I’m going to pick on Guardians of the Galaxy in this blog post.

Admittedly, I liked the movie, but here’s my issue with it (and superhero movies in general)—the lack of female characters AND the…


“We’re just like Kevin Bacon.”

This movie is all that I wanted and more. Review coming soon. Praise be to the Marvel. Marvel for President.


OMG!!! Epic Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy by Karin Olava EffectsPhoto by Danarki taken at Torucon 2014.

Guardians of the Galaxy | Soundtrack

Black Panther | Fancasting

Idris Elba, Noel Clarke, Michael Jai White

Aldis Hodge, David Oyelowo

John Boyega, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Omari Hardwick



Animated Films | June 2014 - November 2014

We all need to realize how great The Book of Life is, though. Seriously, it’s a movie where the target audience are the children, and Mexican culture is a huge aspect of the film. Representation in movies is so little it’s depressing, so please help make that movie a success so more like it are made.

I hope it is good for both children and adults, considering Guillermo Del Toro is involved. I plan on taking my 6 year old sister, she is soo excited. I think we watched the trailers together a million of times. I love the cinematography, the voice cast, and the story seems riveting. I alone will probably buy enough tickets to warrant a sequel.





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Marvel Female Solo Titles

We’ve come so far, but we still have so far to go. The number of make titles more than double female and that’s the biggest problem ever.

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and then the young avengers attacked

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Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman

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$125 million + for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. #WhyNotDeadpool

$180 million + for Maleficent. #WhyNotCaptainMarvel #FuckUFeige

$40 million + for Lucy. #WhyNotBlackWidow #FuckUFeige

$200 million + for Green Lantern. #WhyNotWonderWoman

$200 million + for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. #WhyNotMilesMorales

$170 million + for Guardians of the Galaxy, $170 million + for Thor: The Dark World, and $200 million + for Iron Man 3. #WHYNOTBLACKPANTHER

Not all of these films are horrible, but the amount of money spent for useless, unwarranted and epic fails hurts my heart.